Zack is a filmmaker and musician from New Jersey, and currently in his third year at Columbia University’s MFA film program.  Since his start at an early age making stop motion films with his Steven Spielberg LEGO set, Zack’s has always sought out ways to tell stories and make people laugh. A ‘loyal son’ of his alma mater, Rutgers University; Zack helped launch the school’s first BFA program in digital filmmaking, in addition to graduating with a degree in journalism and media studies. Zack’s accolades include the Campus Moviefest Lifetime Achievement Award, getting featured on MTVu College Filmmakers, and he has screened his work in festivals around the world. Currently, Zack hosts and produces the YouTube series We Have A Show—a crowd-sourced variety show featuring a diverse mix of filmmakers, comedians, and musicians from all over the US. One day, Zack hopes to direct his first feature film and/or write for television. Until that day comes, Zack is currently the Writers Room Intern at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and is a freelance screenwriter and director for Ideas United, an Atlanta-based marketing and creative studio. His previous jobs include internships at Late Night with Seth Meyers, MTV, and Radical Media.

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