Five To Places


*Poo Industries Lifetime Achievement Award – Campus Moviefest Hollywood, 2014*
*Campus Finalist – Campus Moviefest: Rutgers University, 2014*

It is five minutes to curtain at a local community theater and the ensemble is ready to begin. Chaos occurs when the lead actor breaks his leg. Felix, his nervous and unprepared understudy, is thrust into action but struggles to find his inner courage. The entire film takes place within one continuous shot.

Making this project was such an undertaking.  It was my first long take film, as well as the largest cast I’ve ever worked with.  Thankfully, it was also the most talented cast I’ve ever.  Enjoy!!

Five To Places
Written & Directed by Zack Morrison
Story by David Seamon, Christopher M. Pasi, Thomas Pasi & Zack Morrison
Starring David Seamon, Emily Berthold, Christopher M. Pasi, Marc Mills, Mariella Klinger
Produced by David Seamon, Christopher M. Pasi, & Thomas Pasi
Cinematography by Zack Morrison
Sound by Chris Busch
Based on “The Wings” by David Seamon
Music by Take Seven


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