Calvin’s Movie

Episode 3: Calvin’s Movie

Calvin struggles to finish his filmmaking homework as the looming deadline approaches. As a result, Calvin and H travel to the future to take the finished homework from their future selves.

CALVIN’S SERIES is a new web series inspired by the Calvin and Hobbes comics by Bill Watterson. The series follows Calvin, an everyday college student with a hyperactive imagination who creates fantastic methods of taking on the daily grind. Accompanying him on his adventures is his very energetic and very imaginary friend, H. whom only Calvin interacts with. Also living in Calvin’s world is his fitness-junkie older sister, Jaclyn, as well as Susie, the quiet girl next door who might just be the first person to ground Calvin back in reality.

In no way do I claim I ownership of Mr. Watterson’s work, rather this is just a classroom homage, a tribute, and an interpretation of the stories from the strip that we all grew up loving.

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