Team Oscar 2014 Video Entry

Here is a video I created for submission into the Team Oscar college search 2014.  The Academy is choosing 5 college students to be honored at the Oscars this year.  Fingers crossed that they like me.

I want to help people believe in dreams again.

My name is Zack Morrison, and I’m a senior at Rutgers University.  I was fortunate enough to attend the Cannes Film Festival this summer, and I learned that too many movies today are missing that spark—the one that motivates the next generation of creativity.

Growing up in NJ, following one’s dream is never easy.  And there were times that I almost lost that spark myself.  But I continued to write and create anywhere I could—in between painting fire hydrants for pennies and sitting through uninspiring college lectures about the bleakness of the future.  I went as far as crafting my own individualized major in filmmaking at Rutgers since they don’t offer one yet.  Even as the deans gave me the stamp of approval, they couldn’t resist saying, “you should focus on something real instead.”

But for me, making films is the only reality I know, and the only one I want.   I hope one day to re-introduce that sense of wonder we shared when ET made Elliott’s bike fly.  I want to take audiences to other worlds, helping them rediscover what it’s like to be young again—to shout “Bongiorno Principessa!” to the love of their life.  I want people to believe in dreams again.  And that’s the passion I hope to inspire in others.


The actual contest link is here:

No details on what to do with it yet.  Stay tuned.  Wish me luck!

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