MTV 2013 Songs of Summer

So this is awesome.  Recently, I was chosen to be a part of a college student filmmaker collective with MTV for this year’s Video Music Awards.  This year, they have a new category, Best Song of Summer, and they assigned each of the 6 students involved one of the songs in the category.  I was assigned Best Song Ever by One Direction.  Here is the music video (and the short film they made for it):

So part of the experience is that each of us were issued a Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone…which, no big deal…packs a 41 MEGAPIXEL CAMERA!

Holy shit indeed!

So the other day I took the crew and went on a shoot at Coney Island in order to capture that wild and free spirit of One Direction combined with the themes of summer from the new category.  Here is the first picture from the series:


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