Cannes Day 8: Ticket Shenanigans

Well the majority of the day today was crisis management.  Early in the morning, I reserved tickets for the premiere of Blood Ties, a movie with Mila Kunis, Clive Owen, and Marion Cotillard.  It was going to be fantastic.  In addition, I was going to catch the reprise screening of The Cohen Brothers’ Inside Llewin Davis.  Going to be wonderful.  Got dressed up all pretty, fought off my hangover quickly, and went to the palais.  I had a friend holding a spot in line for me at the Cohen Brothers film in a smaller theater–she’s been camping out 2 hours early.  Of course the shuttle was late.  These drivers are worse than the drivers at Rutgers. On the way, I ran to the ticket office to print off my Blood Ties ticket.  When I got there though, shit hit the fan.  The computer lost it.  It poofed away into nothingness and with it, took the 100 points I paid for it with (I can hold max 130, and only regenerate 48 each day).  After about an hour of trying to explain to the guy, he told me I had to come back later in the day.  Naturally, by the time I got over to the theater for Llewin Davis, I missed the cut off.  They tend to overbook theaters and Press end up taking all the seats anyways..


It was such a pleasant surprise running into my friend Keren, a fellow Scarlet Knight who graduated last year out of the Mason Gross film program. She’s here with her boyfriend who’s a journalist and getting to sneak into the big parties. So lucky.  We went out for lunch and it was a great reunion and break from the stress of dealing with the ticket people.

So after a few hours of wandering around the Marche, I went back to the ticket booth to talk to them again like they said.  But the nice guy I was talking to wasn’t there anymore–some awful bitchy lady replaced her.  She was giving me a hard time about being able to get those tickets, because apparently Short Film Corner participants aren’t “prestigious enough” to attend them, and that we have been a pain in her ass.  Meanwhile, all week we have been huddling around the computers waiting for returned tickets to become available again.  Like everyone at the entire festival does.  And tickets don’t discriminate–you have one, you can attend the show.

I don’t know why she had such a major stick up her ass, but either way, I wasn’t given the ticket I rightfully reserved.  She refunded my points, but at that point there were no more top screenings available that day so it didn’t even help.

Thankfully, James Franco came in in the clutch.

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