Cannes Day 1: The traveling that never ends…

It’s finally here!  My bags were all packed and ready to go.  After a pretty stressful couple days, I finally left East Brunswick, NJ and began my trip to Cannes, France.  FYI–as I’m writing this, it is 1:54 in the morning local time after 10 hours of flying time and major jet lag.  But anyway–I was off.


It was a beautiful day for flying.

Flying from Newark wasn’t all that bad.  It was weird, first of all, getting on a plane with the preconception that I am going to be sleeping.  Cause of course, that didn’t happen.   Instead, I bounced from listening to music, to reading my favorite book, House of Leaves, back to watching a Bon Jovi concert on the in-flight tv, to kinda-sorta sleeping.  But then before I knew it, at the equivalent to 3:30am local time, we were landing in London.  I never experienced serious jet lag before, but after that leg of the trip…I was hitting a wall.

Amazing how another country's airport can feel so familiar...*cough cough Rutgers bus*

Amazing how another country’s airport can feel so familiar…*cough cough Rutgers bus*

Frankfurt International Airport...AKA Narnia.

Frankfurt International Airport…AKA Narnia.

The layovers were killer.  Each airport was a never ending maze of conveyer belts, elevators, stairs, busses, tram cars, and more stairs.  Eventually, Steve and I got there.  The hour delay in Frankfurt was a pain in the ass though.  At least we found ways to enjoy it…meaning beer and pre-mixed cans of Jack and Coke.  It was wonderful.  Getting to Cannes was so surreal because it felt a lot like LA.



Unfortunately, this is about all the sightseeing I had time to do today.  Because of the flight delay, the shuttles from the airport to the hotel were late, and checking in was late…ect, ect. I met with the CMF crew, and it was wonderfull seeing everyone again.  Some I just met for the first time, others I knew from the last two trips to LA.  It felt like a big family reunion.

Tomorrow the fun starts.  We’re going to hit the beach, supermarket, and then take a walking tour of Cannes.  Can’t wait!

This happened today too:  My all-access festival badge.  The little red dot makes it more legit apparently.

This happened today too: My all-access festival badge. The little red dot makes it more legit apparently.

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